Wisdom From Our Elders

Byron Sarracino – Pueblo of Laguna

Pastor Byron Sarracino, from the Laguna Pueblo, shares four key truths for anyone who wants to grow in their walk with the Lord. If you would like to read or browse the articles that Pastor Sarracino has written, click here!

Ray Perry – Navajo Nation

Ray Perry is a gifted teacher from the Navajo Nation.  In this video, he shares about his battle with the creation story and how it directly affected his life. If you would like to read more about Ray Perry and his search for truth, click here.

Harold Noble – Navajo Nation

Harold Noble faithfully pastored on the Navajo Nation for over 45 years.  In this video he explains why God has given His Word for all people and all tribes. If you would like to read more about Harold Noble and his journey, click here.

Jasper Jones – San Carlos Apache Nation

Jasper Jones is from the San Carlos Apache Reservation. We invite you to watch this video as Jasper tells about the confusion and addiction he experienced as a young man. When he was 33 years old, the Lord Jesus Christ came into His life and changed him completely. Jasper wants you to know that Jesus is the answer to what you are searching for!

Leroy Elgo – San Carlos Apache Nation

Leroy Elgo has been a faithful pastor on the San Carlos Apache Reservation for many years.  In this video, he explains why God’s message of salvation is for all people.