Our message is not our message. It is the message of the Word of God. We don’t change anything of God’s Word. We stick to it the way it was from the beginning of time.
-Roy Hawthorne

For many years the voice of Pastor Roy Hawthorne, Navajo Code Talker, could be heard on the airwaves across the great Navajo Nation and around the world on the “Semper Fidelis Gospel Time” radio broadcast.

On these treasured broadcasts, you will hear Pastor Roy Hawthorne proclaim the always faithful Word of God in the Navajo language. You will hear the truth about Jesus, the truth about our sinful condition and the truth that Jesus died to save us. Jesus Christ – the always faithful one – loves you and can save you! Semper Fi.

*Note: Because of the age of these recordings, a small portion have degraded in sound quality over the years.

These sermon broadcasts are organized by category and each video player contains a playlist of messages from that category. To listen to more messages, you can tap on the top right corner “hamburger” icon in the video player to view all the sermons in the playlist.

The Word Became Flesh
(Messages from John 1)

Ministry and Miracles of Christ
(Messages from John 2-11)

Vital Lessons From Christ
(Messages from John 12-13)

Comfort and Farewells of Christ
(Messages from John 14-17)

Trials and Crucifixion of Christ
(Messages from John 18-19)

Common Questions

God’s Grace

God’s Promises

Help for Today

Gambling or Gaming?

Genesis: The Book of Beginnings

Lessons from the Old Testament

Messianic Predictions from the Old Testament

Names of God

Studies from the book of Revelation

Looking at the Messiah

The Road to Heaven

Wisdom from the Word