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Welcome to Today’s Native!

Today’s Native is a resource from tribal members, Native American people, and friends in the Native community.

An Introduction by Roy Hawthorne, Navajo Code Talker

Our Creator has provided a way for us to know Him and His plan for our lives! As the Creator of all, He truly is our God, and the God of every people group. We have received His message and have chosen His one way for all people to come to Him—through His Son, Jesus Christ. This relationship with God is different from religion; it is true worship. We have found that genuine healing is found in a joyful relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the wonderful message that we, as Indigenous People, want to share with you!

Today’s Native Video

Native Voices

Watch believers from multiple Native communities sharing their stories of hope through Christ.

Navajo Redemption

This is a true story about Harold Noble, now a Navajo pastor, who as a teen wanted to learn about life and how to be a “good person.”

All Nations Video

Watch dramas of Indigenous Peoples in your own language.

Today’s Native Audio

Native Language Audio

Listen to the Bible in our Native language! Sixteen different languages are currently available here.

Audio Stream

This Audio Stream is a 24/7 streaming archive of carefully selected audio teaching to help you grow in the Lord!

Growing Strong Audio Series

The Growing Strong Audio Series contains topically organized audio content from the 24/7 Audio Stream. Each audio session is available to download for free to your favorite listening device!

Today’s Native Articles

Finding Hope In Christ!

Lessons for Life

A descendent of Cherokee grandparents, Carlos lived in Miami, Arizona, for a period of time as a young boy, not far from the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Carlos faced some difficult challenges. With an often–absent alcoholic father and a mother working hard to pay the bills and put food on the table, Carlos learned that life can be tough.

The Way Of True Worship

I grew up surrounded by the traditional ways of our people. In my youth, I heard the old stories handed down by our elders. They differed depending on a person’s recollection, but they focused mostly on the creation around us. I was told we came from the earth. As a young man I had so many questions.

Our Passion And Priorities

Passion and Priorities

The love of basketball and the support of our local players is on everyone’s minds. It inspires hundreds of people from our communities to be in attendance at the big game - even though it is many miles away!

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