Did you know that your Creator has a wonderful message for you? Unlike oral traditions that vary among people groups, God has ensured that we have an accurate written record of Himself within the pages of His Word. We can know with confidence Who God is and how we are to worship Him!

The New Life Study Testament is designed specifically for Native Americans. The idea for a study Bible for First Nations People began in an igloo in the frozen Canadian Arctic. The project was completed as a result of decades of collaboration within the tribal community observing both vocabulary and thought patterns. It has been embraced by members of many tribes and provides an ideal starting point for those beginning their walk with God. The New Life Study Testament contains the complete New Testament with descriptive headings followed by an excellent study section including Topical Study Outlines, Word List, Topical Verse Finder, and Events of Jesus’ Life in the Four Gospels. If you are a tribal member you may request your free copy.

Picture of The New Life Study Testament
The New Life Study Testament

(U.S. mailing address only – One free copy per household. – Quantity orders are available at discounted cost). 

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