Navajo Redemption

This is a true story about Pastor Harold Noble, who as a teen wanted to learn about life and how to be a “good person.” He asked his grandfather, a medicine man and tribal leader, how to do this, but he just didn’t understand. Later he turned to alcohol and ended up in jail. There he discovered what life is all about and he changed dramatically. Harold shares how he found answers for all of life’s questions when Jesus Christ changed his heart.

The Unfinished Story

The Navajo people have many stories about events that have happened in our land. I am going to tell you a story that happened a long time ago to my great-grandmother. Her father and mother named her Asdzáán Ts’ah, meaning “Sage Woman,” after the sagebrush that grows on the land of my people. The story begins when Sage was eight years old, but it was a story that she told until she was a very old woman. This story has often been shared around our campfire.

-Harold Noble

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