Women of Faith

Rhonda Juarez – Choctaw Nation

Rhonda endured hardship throughout her life and thought that things would get easier once she got right with the Lord. As she found out, that isn’t necessarily the case. However, she found that resting and trusting in God was the path forward. She daily prepares her heart and mind with the Word of God. The armor of God from Ephesians 6 has been a key Scripture for her as she grows in her walk with the Lord!

Joyce Becenti – Navajo Nation

Joyce experienced many difficult seasons throughout the first 40 years of her life. She never had a stable home. Through Christ, Joyce found a permanent and joyful relationship with God that changed her from the inside out!

Naomi Colelay – White Mountain Apache Nation

Naomi recalls her years as a teenager and how she nearly threw her life away. She is now serving the Lord and has found hope and value in life!

Naomi Colelay – White Mountain Apache Nation (Western Apache Language)

Naomi rejoices in the power of prayer and a life transformed through the power of God’s Word! (WESTERN APACHE LANGUAGE)

Kate Palmer – White Mountain Apache Nation

Kate remembers the times when addiction to drugs, alcohol, and drug dealing were a way of life that she could not escape.  She found deliverance from her hopelessness through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ!

Lorna – White Mountain Apache Nation

Lorna shares how she found the way of escape from addictions and family strife!

Fran George – (Navajo Language)

Fran and her husband Bobby have faithfully served the Lord for many years. In this video, Fran shares (in her own Navajo language) her hope and the joy she has found in Christ!