Navajo Voices

Roy Hawthorne – Navajo Code Talker

An Introduction by Roy Hawthorne, Navajo Code Talker.

Clarence Bilagody – Navajo Nation

Clarence describes how he found deliverance from a life of despair.

Joyce Becenti – Navajo Nation

Joyce experienced many difficult seasons throughout the first 40 years of her life. She never had a stable home. Through Christ, Joyce found a permanent and joyful relationship with God that changed her from the inside out

Cedric Betoney – Navajo Nation

Cedric powerfully shares how we can find purpose and meaning in life!

Nelson Betoney – Navajo Nation

Nelson shares how his life was transformed while he was serving in the Navy!

Julius Pete – Navajo Nation

Julius shares how he nearly drowned in alcohol.

Ray Perry – My Purpose in Life

Ray shares about his past struggles with the creation story and his purpose in this world!

Harold Noble – God’s Word is for all people!

Harold Noble has been a faithful pastor on the Navajo Nation for over 45 years.  In this video he explains why God has given His Word for all people and all tribes!

Mathew Noble – Navajo Nation

Matthew shares how he overcame depression and alcohol in his life!

Virgil Attson – Navajo Nation

Virgil shares how his life was transformed and became full of meaning!

This is a true story about Pastor Harold Noble, who as a teen wanted to learn about life and how to be a “good person.” He asked his grandfather, a medicine man and tribal leader, how to do this, but he just didn’t understand. Later he turned to alcohol and ended up in jail. There he discovered what life is all about and he changed dramatically. Harold shares how he found answers for all of life’s questions when Jesus Christ changed his heart!

Navajo Voices (Navajo Language)

Roy Hawthorne – (Navajo Language)

An Introduction to Today’s Native by Roy Hawthorne, Navajo Code Talker.

Navajo believers share, in their own Navajo language, their stories of hope.  (Navajo Language)

Fran George – (Navajo Language)

Fran George and her husband Bobby have faithfully served the Lord for many years. In this video, Fran shares (in her own Navajo language) her hope and the joy she has found in Christ!

Telling Kelli – (Navajo Language)

Telling Kelli is an inspiring story of a young deaf girl who is of the indigenous people known as the Kanaka Maoli. The Kanaka Maoli are Native Hawaiians who are descendants of the aboriginal people who occupied and exercised sovereignty in the area that now constitutes the State of Hawaii.

Jesus Film – (Navajo Language)

Our Creator sent His Son into the world that we might know Him personally. Based on the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament, the Jesus Film is the portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ including His virgin birth, His miracles and ministry, His death by crucifixion, and His resurrection. 

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Read the stories of several Navajo believers as they share the great things God has done for them!