Roy Hawthorne – Navajo Language

An Introduction to Today’s Native by Roy Hawthorne, Navajo Code Talker.

Navajo Hearts – Navajo Language

Navajo believers share, in their own Navajo language, their stories of hope.  (Navajo Language)

Fran George – Navajo Language

Fran George and her husband Bobby have faithfully served the Lord for many years. In this video, Fran shares (in her own Navajo language) her hope and the joy she has found in Christ!

Telling Kelli – Navajo Language

Telling Kelli is an inspiring story of a young deaf girl who is of the indigenous people known as the Kanaka Maoli. The Kanaka Maoli are Native Hawaiians who are descendants of the aboriginal people who occupied and exercised sovereignty in the area that now constitutes the State of Hawaii.

Other Resources

There are multiple Navajo resources available on our website as well. Click on the links to explore.