Southern East Cree Audio Resources

Southern East Cree Audio Resources

Southern East Cree Audio Bible

Welcome to the Southern East Cree audio Bible resource page! We are grateful to make the Gospel of John, Ephesians, and I John available to you in the Southern East Cree language.

If you wish to simultaneously read and listen to the Scripture in Southern East Cree, click on the link to access an interactive online Bible. This link will give you access to read the entire New Testament.

We are grateful to Faith Comes by Hearing for providing these audio files. Portions of the New Testament are available for download in MP3 format from their website. If you wish to explore this option, click on the link below and follow the directions.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller is an audio collection of true life stories of First Nations people from across Native North America who are following Jesus Christ without reservation.

Visit The Storyteller website to find out more about the program and explore more listening options.