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O’odham Audio Bible

We are grateful to make portions of the New Testament in the O’odham language available to you here on this page. We trust that the reading of the Bible in the O’odham language will indeed give “direction for life!”

There are two listening options. You can listen to the Gospel of John through the online player available on this page. Or you can select a particular book of the Bible from the list and listen to God’s Word on You Tube.

If you would like to read along with this audio, click on the link below for an online O’odham Bible.


Direction for Life

The “Man in the Maze” design of the ancient indigenous people of the southwest reminds us of the many choices we make along the journey of life. The God of Creation has provided the wisdom necessary to make wise decisions as we navigate the maze of this life.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller is an audio collection of true life stories of First Nations people from across Native North America who are following Jesus Christ without reservation.

Visit The Storyteller website to find out more about the program and explore more listening options.