Mescalero Apache Resources


An Apache Warrior Chooses a New Name

Cochise, Geronimo, and Naiche were warriors. They will remain legends in Apache history. The Apache fought against the Spanish, Mexican, and United States govern­ments for hundreds of years to preserve their way of life in their homeland.


My Search For Acceptance

My name is Jack Cochise. My birth place and home is the Mescalero Apache Tribe in New Mexico.  My grandmother was Amelia Naiche, daughter of the great Apache leader Naiche. His father was Cochise, chief of the Chiricahua Apache and his mother, Dos-Teh-Seh, was daughter of the great Apache leader Dasoda-hae, also known as Mangus Coloradas.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller is an audio collection of true life stories of First Nations people from across Native North America who are following Jesus Christ without reservation.

Visit The Storyteller website to find out more about the program and explore more listening options.

Dakota Sioux Language

Mescalero Apache Language Recordings

Listen to recordings called “Words of Life” in the Mescalero Apache Language. These short recordings include Bible stories and hymns in the language of the Mescalero Apache people.