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Welcome to the Inupiat Audio Bible page! We are grateful for the work of all who have made these audio recordings possible. A download link is available if you would like to download any of the audio files to your computer in order to listen to the reading of God’s Word on your favorite listening device.

If you would like to follow along with these readings, you can click on this link and read the Inupiat Bible text while listening to the audio.

Uqałhich Aglaaŋi Mark-ŋum (Gospel of Mark)

Uqałhich Aglaaŋi John-ŋum (Gospel of John)

Suraġałhat Uqqiraqtit (Acts)

Paul-ŋum Tuyuutai Galatia-ġmiunun (Galatians)

Paul-ŋum Tuyuutai Philippi-aġmiunun (Philippians)

James-ŋum Tuyuutai (James)

Sagvikkauruat John-mun (Revelation)