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The Navajo Code Talkers

Honoring Those Who Served

Watch the drama of
Harold Noble's life story.

Navajo Redemption

These answers to our questions
have transformed our lives!

Wisdom From Our Elders

Our hope is rooted in our faith!

Women of Faith

Welcome to Today’s Native!

Today’s Native is a resource from tribal members, Native American people, and friends in the Native community.

An Introduction by Roy Hawthorne, Navajo Code Talker

Our Creator has provided a way for us to know Him and His plan for our lives! As the Creator of all, He truly is our God, and the God of every people group. We have received His message and have chosen His one way for all people to come to Him—through His Son, Jesus Christ. This relationship with God is different from religion; it is true worship. We have found that genuine healing is found in a joyful relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the wonderful message that we, as Indigenous People, want to share with you!

Today’s Native Video

Native Voices

Watch believers from multiple Native communities sharing their stories of hope through Christ.

Navajo Redemption

This is a true story about Harold Noble, now a Navajo pastor, who as a teen wanted to learn about life and how to be a “good person.”

All Nations Video

Watch dramas of Indigenous Peoples in your own language.

“The greatest decision you will ever make is: ‘What will you do with Jesus?’”

Byron Sarracino, Laguna Pueblo

“I have no regrets investing my life in communicating the most vital message ever needed. It’s the message of the Word of God.”

Roy Hawthorne, Navajo Code Talker

“There is within all of us a natural yearning to understand our beginnings and to know the One Who has created all things.”

Harold Noble, Navajo Nation

Today’s Native Audio

Native Language Audio

Listen to the Bible in our Native language! Sixteen different languages are currently available here.

Audio Stream

This Audio Stream is a 24/7 streaming archive of carefully selected audio teaching to help you grow in the Lord!

Growing Strong Audio Series

The Growing Strong Audio Series contains topically organized audio content from the 24/7 Audio Stream!

Today’s Native Articles

Finding Hope In Christ!

The Blessed Life

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My name is Merritt Youngdeer. I’m a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Cherokee, North Carolina. My grandparents, like many tribal members from all across our country, attended Carlisle Indian Boarding School.

My Call of Duty

My Call of Duty

I grew up greatly admiring all those who have served in the Armed Forces. I knew that many Native Americans (including my father and uncles) had served this country with distinct honor and fulfilled their call of duty.

No Turning Back

Apache Basket

The year was 1934, and I was six months old. My father, mother, and I lived in a small settlement in the foothills of the mountains 100 miles northwest of San Carlos. Our home was a wickiup that my father had built for us.